An Easy Way to Reduce Stress

On Cyber Monday, here’s the easiest way I know to reduce stress:


1. Identify the top three places you typically use/plug in your phone. (Mine are my bedside, my chair, and my office). This number is N1.


2. Identify the top three places your partner/spouse uses/plugs in their phone. (Jenny’s are her car, her living room chair, and her bedside). This number is N2.


3. Count how many total chargers you already have for each device. This number is N3.


4. Subtract that number (N3) from N1+N2. This number is N4. [Here’s the formula for you math nerds: (N1+N2) – N3 = N4]


5. Go online and purchase N4 charging adapters & cables. (There should be crazy deals today.)


6. Plug them permanently in those top three locations. Put masking tape over them and write “DO NOT REMOVE” on the tape.


7. Never worry about running out of battery power, or finding a charger, ever again.


Easiest money you’ll spend this year, with perhaps the greatest ROI.

Peace begins with a pause,


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